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Abyssinia Restaurant and Cafe - Phoenix Restaurants


842 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014-4628


+1 602-795-4113


Price Range:

$$ – $$$

Meals Served:

Lunch, Dinner


Seating, Takeout, Reservations, Waitstaff, Wheelchair Accessible

Good For:

Families with children


Excellent Ethiopean Cuisine! By far, the best we’ve found in the Valley! If you’ve never had the extreme pleasure of enjoying a traditional Ethiopean meal, then this by far is the restaurant to begin your journey into the cuisine… it is astounding. I would venture… ||| I can’t say enough about the coffee ceremony. Allow yourself enough time to relax and enjoy the experience. The small pot ($10, I believe) was more than enough for 2 people. Sit in the back, in traditional seating. The smoke from the pan-roasted beans and…


Main Menu Breakfast || 5.99 Scrambled Egg Scrambled egg with tomato, onion, jalapeno with french toast || 9.99 Fuole Crushed black beans, garnished with fresh onion, jalapeno pepper, sour cream and fresh bread || 12.99 Quanta Firfir Smoked and dried beef seasoned with Ethiopian spice mixed with pieces of injera || 7.99 Chechebsa Scrambled homemade bread mixed with butter and pepper || 10.99 Tibbs Furfur Tender beef tips pan grilled with Ethiopian spices mixed pieces of injera || 12.99 Genfo Barely or wheat flour, salt, butter, or olive oil & berbera || 3.99 Red Lentils Roll Red lentils with home made cheese rolled on injera Appetizer || 1.99 Sambussa Green lentils, green peppers, onions and salt wrapped with tortilla || 3.99 Green Lentils Soup Green lentils, carrots, onions and Ethiopian spices || 3.99 Salad Lettuce, red onion, black pepper, tomatoes vinegar, olive oil & house dressing Meat || 18.99 Azeb Guada Meat Plater Doro Wat (chicken and hard boiled egg with homemade cheese), key wat (spicy Beef), yebeg alicha wat (lamb stew non spicy ), Derek Tibs (Pan grilled beef) || 15.99 Godin Tibs Beef / lamb ribs served with awaze and purified Ethiopian butter || 15.99 Doro Wat Ethiopian national dish. Tender chicken parts, onions, olive oil, berbera based stew with one hard boiled eggs || 39.99 Abyssinia Signature Sampler of doro wat, lamb tabs, lamb wat, spicy beef homemade cheese and all vegetarian dishes in the house || 12.99 Bozeena Shiro Chunks of beef marinated in ground Ethiopian butter served in shiro wat || 19.99 Abyssinya Zil Zil Tibs Cubed beef marinated in wine, sauteed in purified Ethiopian butter || 15.99 Special Kitfo The delicacy of Ethiopian dish, minced beef tossed in kibe (spices of clarified homemade) Ethiopian butter, mitmita or Ethiopian chili powder and ayebe or Ethiopian cheese, fresh gomen or collar greens || 13.99 Regular Kitfo Minced beef, Ethiopian butter and Ethiopian mitmita or chili powder and salt || 19.99 Agelgel A veggie sampler dish and meat with tibs || 13.99 Yawaze Yebere Tibs (Spicy Pan Grilled Beef Cubes) Lean beef cubes pan grilled with jalapenos, onions, fresh rosemary and awaze. Garnished with salad and served with injera || 13.99 Key Wat (Spicy Beef Stew) Tender beef cubs simmered in berbere (red pepper) and onion, garlic flavored with various spices || 13.99 Gomen Besiga Beef cubes sauteed in collard green with Ethiopian herbs and spices || 13.99 Derek Tibs Strip of tender beef marinated in onion and homemade spices and fresh rosemary || 13.99 Rice Red or yellow rice prepared with chicken or beef sauteed with garlic oil and black pepper served with fresh salad || 13.99 Firm Tibs Prime beef or Lamb with grilled onions, jalapeno and Ethiopian butter Lamb Entree || 13.99 Kikil Kiki tender strips of lamb in homemade Ethiopian butter || 13.99 Yebeg Tibs Tender cubes of lamb, sauteed onion, garlic, rosemary, tomatoes, green pepper and herbs || 13.99 Yebeg Alicha Wat Tender strips of lamb simmered in homemade herbal butter seasoned with onions, olive oil, garlic and Ethiopian spices || 12.99 Tibbs Furfur Tender beef tips pan grilled with onions Vegetarian || 9.99 Tickle Gomen Delicious curried vegetable stew with cabbage, green pepper, onion and olive oil || 9.99 Misir War Split red lentils, onion, olive oil, berbera, garlic, blend of hot Ethiopian herbs, dumplings || 12.99 Veggie Combo A sample dish of veggies || 9.99 Aterkik Alicha Split yellow peas in red onion, olive oil, garlic and various homemade spices || 11.99 Shiro Chickpeas are milled together with a perfect blend of mild herbs and onion slowly cooked || 13.99 Fish Gullahs Pieces of fish fillet mixed with onions, garlic oil, green pepper, served with injera || 8.99 Fosolia (String Beans & Carrots) Lightly spiced string beans cooked with carrots & onions || 8.99 Azifah (Brown Lentils) Whole brown lentils blended with onion, green pepper and spices / Served Cold || 8.99 Spaghetti Pasta mixed with carrot, white peas, green pepper, onions and olive oil || 19.99 Abyssinian Vegetarian Ask for server Drinks *We also serve a variety of liquor* || Bottle 2.5 Coca Cola or Fanta || Can 1.95 Coca Sprit || Can 1.95 Dr Pepper || Can 1.95 Diet. Coke || Can 1.95 Ice Tea || Can 1.95 Ice Lemonade || Can 1.95 Root Beer || 2.5 Perrier (Mineral Water) || 1.25 Bottle Water || 3.99 Ethiopian Honey Wine Juices Fresh home made juice || 4.99 Mango Juice || 4.99 Papaya Juice || 4.99 Avocado Juice || 6.99 Mixture of Mango, Papaya & Avocado Coffee and Ethiopian Tea || 3.0 Macchiato || 3.0 Machine Coffee || Sm. 9.99 Lg. 15.99 Abyssinia Coffee Ceremony Traditional Ethiopian Coffee (served in clay pot) || 2.5 Kimeme Tea || 2.0 Ginger Tea || 3.5 Tossing Tea Dessert $3.99 || 3.99 Tiramisu || Miliphony || Baklava Weekday Lunch Special $7.99 ea. Served Monday to Thursday 11:00am to 3:30pm. Your choice of three items: Meat or Vegetarian || Doro Wat || Spicy Beans || All Veggies || Yebeg Alicha Alcoholic Beverages According to the surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy due to the risk of birth defects. Beer || 3.99 Corona Extra || 3.99 Heineken Belgium || 3.99 Fat Tire Amber Ale || 3.99 Bud Light || 3.99 Guinness Draft Dublin Wine Red Wine || 4.99 Bottle 20.99 Litu Merlot Chile || 4.99 Pinot Noir California || 4.89 Cabernet Sauvignon France White Wine || 4.99 Bottle 20.99 The Big Kahuna Crisp White

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