Anvil Bar & Refuge – Houston Restaurants

Anvil Bar & Refuge - Houston Restaurants


1424 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006-2617


+1 713-523-1622


Sunday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Monday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Tuesday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Wednesday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Thursday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Friday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM | Saturday: 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Price Range:

$$ – $$$

Meals Served:

Late Night, Drinks


Seating, Parking Available, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible

Good For:

Bar scene


Easily one of the best bars in Houston, service is exceptional by very well trained, knowledgable bar staff (a commodity these days). Bar food not to be missed either. As the title of this review suggests, I had to use my phone to read the… ||| Met friends here to enjoy some whiskeys and craft cocktails. Bar tenders were pros and drinks were creative, well made and promptly concocted, but the room was so loud we couldn’t hear each other well enough to enjoy the experience. Anvil needs to do something…


Menu Gin​ || 10.00 Pliny’s Tonic Gin, lime, cucumber, mint, habanero tincture our most popular original cocktail.what can we say? Texans like the heat. Bobby heugel || 9.00 Whistle Stop Gin, green tomato, lemon, salt tincture, dill, seltzer far from a bloody mary, this refreshing take on a collins is divine.kenny freeman || 12.00 Maycomb Mockingbird Myrtle and muscadine infused gin, strega, blanc vermouth, dimmi, decanter bitters boozy, summery, and southern.ornella ashcraft Whisk(E)Y​ || 12.00 Gatling Barrel Rye, smoked byrrh, scotch, pisco, curacao, peychaud’s and angostura bitters an assertive manhattan adaptation.alba huerta || 9.00 Fredericksburg Flip Bourbon, becherovka, lemon, hefeweizen, egg, cacao sarsaparilla bittersa nod to our german beer heritage.matt tanner || 10.00 The Trotter Bourbon, gran classico, kina, carolina shrub, lemon, pineapple a refreshing take on carolina acidity.hal brock R(H)Um​ || 9.00 Dewberry Swizzle Nicaraguan rum, lime, falernum, dewberry jam we will be rotating local fruit through rum swizzles all summer.matt tanner || 12.00 Bald Cypress Regatta House four r(h)um blend, aperol, cane syrup, absinthe the south is the north to the carribean.we sure enjoy their upward shipments.carlos ballon || 10.00 The Rest Hopping john tequila, dominican rum, batavia arrack, allspice dram, che dau trang yes, this is the odd one on the american creole invades the south.mike criss || 9.00 Froberg’s Quarrel Blanco tequila por mi amante, agave nectar, orange flower water, bergamot bitters local strawberryinfused tequila and flowers may sound friendly, but this sneaks up on you.alba huerta || 12.00 The Brave Mezcal, sotol, averna, curacao, angostura bitters anvil’s house cocktail only for the brave, always on our menu. Not exactly southern, but lots of southern attitude.bobby heugel The Rest​ || 10.00 Jackson Julep Calvados, applejack, kina, date, cinnamon, mint there is no cocktail more iconic in the south than the julep. Please enjoy our delicious seasonal offering.alba huerta || 12.00 Savannah Deluge Cognac, madeira, root, maple syrup, peychaud’s bitters ask chris about the interesting history of madeira in the south.chris frankel Summer of the South​ Today’s modern cocktail resurgence tends to emphasize urban speakeasies and yankee cocktails. Secession anyone? Sure, we admire our northern colleagues, but it’s about time other drinking cultures get a little respect. Welcome to the summer of the south: a fourmonth tribute to southerninspired cocktails Southern Classics​ || 9.00 Pimms Cup Pimm’s no. 1, lemon, dry gin, cucumber, seltzer a cult favorite we’re afraid to take it off the menu. We’d like to note, however, that this original cocktail, which has become houston’s version of the drink, is more akin to pimm’s collins.sazerac rye, tubrinado, absinthe, || 10.00 Peychaud’s Bitters As new orleans is the most iconic cocktail city in the south, it’s only appropriae we serve its most iconic cocktail. || 9.00 Chatham Artillery Punch Bourbon, jamaican rum, cognac, lemon, champagne seriously how could we not serve a punch created by a georgian militia in the 1800’s? || 8.00 Madeira Cobbler Madeira, orange, apricot cobblers are often ignored classics, perfect for southern summers. If you get the chance, please visit bellocq in new orleans, a bar that specializes in these cocktails, among others. || 12.00 Georgia Mint Julep Cognac, peach brandy, turbinado, mint our modern adaptation of the georgian classic is another example of how diverse the julep can be. || 10.00 Seelbach Cocktail Bourbon, Curacao, Champagne, Angostura and peychaud’s bitters one of bobby’s favorite southern classics from the seelbach hotel in louisville, kentucky. You can still get one there today. || 9.00 Mississippi Punch Agricole rhum, rye, cognac, lemon, angostura bitters a retooled version of the classic cocktail originally published in 1862, but with a lost history that goes back much further. || 12.00 Absinthe Suissesse Absinthe, orgeat, heavy cream, egg white, orange flower water a classic new orleans brunch cocktail…but honestly, what form of alcohol isn’t considered brunch in new orleans? || 9.00 Tequila” Sunrise Sotol, lemon, cassis, grenadine yes, the tequila sunrise is tasty cocktail with an interesting history. A border drink during prohibition, texans would cross cross the rio to get a fix.the cocktail was likely made with local agave spirits, which in this region, would have been sotol.

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