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Cafe Rabelais - Houston Restaurants


2442 Times Blvd, Houston, TX 77005-3223


+1 713-520-8841


Monday: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Price Range:

$$ – $$$

Meals Served:

Lunch, Dinner


Reservations, Seating, Waitstaff, Parking Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar

Good For:

Romantic, Special occasions


The maitre d’ was accommodating and pleasant. The wait staff were attentive but not intrusive, and it was a busy evening. The food was wonderful, classic for a French bistro. We especially enjoyed the boeuf bourguignon, flank steak, and the classic onion soup. Desserts were… ||| The service was so bad, it really became kind of comical. Now it’s going to turn into “remember that time we celebrated our anniversary at that terrible French restaurant? haha!!”The wine we ordered from the menu was not available, so the waiter brought us…


Menu Todays Lunch Today’s Dinner Forwages Desserts Sandwiches‏ || 8.95 Tuna Sandwich tuna salad, lettuce and tomato on country French bread || 9.95 Pork Sandwich Braised pork shoulder sandwich, honey thyme sauce, pickled onions and carrots || 9.50 Bavette Frites Beef flank, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, ‘tomato and spring mix || 10.50 Salmon Sandwich Smoked salmon, and boiled eggs, gribiche sauce, mixed greens and tomato || 8.50 La Bayonnais Country ham, tomme de savoie, butter, tomato and spring mix || Sandwich Au Poulet Sauteed chicken, onions, swiss spring mix and tomatoes || 9.50 Merguez Seared lamb sausage, mustard and tomato || 8.50 Le Provencal Roasted bell peppers goat cheese, onions tomato and basil All sandwiches come with frites Salads || 12.95 Salade Nicoise Butter lettuce,‏ green beans, bell peppers, olives, egg, anchovies, potato, tuna and mix greens || 6.95 Tomato Basil Salad with roasted garlic balsamic vinegar || 11.75 Salade De Poulet Ou De Bavette Sauteed chicken or beef flank, bell peppers and spring mix || 12.50 Grilled Salmon Mixed greens, cucumbers and raspberry vinaigrette || 8.50 Salade Du Jardin Shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, eggs and potato || 5.50 Salade Maison Spring mix, apples and tomatoes || 8.95 Salad De Chevre Pane Warm goat cheese, country ham and hazelnuts over spring mix || 9.50 Salade De Bleu D’Auvergne Blue cheese, walnuts, apples, country ham over spring mix || 15.00 Special Duck confit with raspberry demi || 8.00 Escargots || 9.00 Boudin Noir W/ Apples || 12.00 Deli Plate || 9.00 Pate Campagne || 16.00 Foie Gras Torchon || 7.00 Quiche Du Jour || 5.50 Soupe Du Jour || 16.00 Mussels “Rabelais” || 15.00 Flank Steak W/ Fresh Shallots || 14.00 Smoked Duck Salad and Fresh Mango || 12.00 Croque Monsieur or Madame || 14.00 Trout Amandine || 14.00 Roasted Chicken Breast W/ Rosemary Jus || Small 13.00 Large 19.00 Cheese Plate || 5.50 Tart of the Day || 8.00 Escargots || 12.00 Smoked Salmon || 18.00 Seared Foie Gras || 9.00 Pate Campagne || 16.00 Foie Gras Torchon || 12.00 Deli Plate || 14.00 Smoked Duck Salad W/ Fresh Mango || 5.50 Soupe Du Jour || 12.00 Boudin Noir W/ Apples || 16.00 Mussels Rabelais || 27.00 Seared Duck Breast W/ Fruit Compote || 27.00 Duck Confit W/ Raspberry Demi || 29.00 Rack of Lamb W/ Herb Bordelaise || 32.00 Bone in Ribeye W/ Sauteed Shallots || 29.00 Steak and Frites W/ Pine Nut and Truffle Hotel Butter || 24.00 Trout Amandine || 28.00 Short Ribs Bourguignon || 25.00 Lemon Sole Meuniere || 28.00 Quail Stuffed W/ Ratatouille || 26.00 Seared Pork Loin W/ Mushroom Madeira || Small 13.00 Large 19.00 Cheese Plate The Lighter Ones‏ || 5.00 Brie France most well-known cheese. This is possibly the best cheese for the ‘beginners very soft white crust with a most tender pate harboring very gentle flavors that grow a touch stronger when aged a little. It comes from paris area. || 5.00 Petit Basque A ewe’s milk bused cheese from the pyrenees mountains. It has a hard waxed crust and semi hard but gentle pate. A good beginner’s choice || L’ Explorateur This cow milk cheese from ile’de-francc (paris) is a regular in france’s cheese shops because of its softness and tender cream pare. || Mimoleue (Label Rouge if 12 Month or Older) A traditional cheese from the northern part of france, it is a semi-hard pate with a distinctive orange color due to the “roucou” (a coloring agent derived from a tropical plant. This cheese is made from 100% cow milk and can be aged up to 2 years. A Bit Stronger || Boucheron A goat milk cheese from the loire valley. A hard and moldy crust revealing a soft and tender center. Creamy and tangy at the same time, this cheese is among the least aggressive goat milk cheese. || Roussele de savoie Cotes du jura Mondeuse de savoie Trousseau de jura Abondance(Aoc-Aop 1990) from the savoie region (alps mountains) comes one of the most famous French cheese. made from cow milk it is easily recognizable by its slight nutty flavors || Saint-Nectaire (Aoc-Aop 1079) A nust have from the region of the center part of france called auvergne. This cheese comes from a small area in the heart of the ancient volcanoes. Intense flavors with develop with ageing but will remain very soft and delicate nonethelss. || Tomme De Savoie(IGP) 7His cow milk base cheese is a quintessential addition to any cheese selection. A hard crust protecting its pressed semi soft pate with a full array of delicate aromas intensifying with proper ageing. Trulu one of the great treasures france has to offer. Already More Serious‏ || Morbier(Aoc-Aop 2000) This cow‏ milk cheese from the franche-comte (jura) is very easy to recognized thanks to its thin blue line of mold in the center of the pate. Soft and tender with rather gentle aromas and flavors. || Chevrot Goat milk is behind this cheese from the &pepartement (district) south of the loire valley. Soft pate when young, it quickly hardens with age due to the natural tendency to dry. || Comte(Aoc-Aop 1952) From the region of franchc-comte at the bottom of the alps near switzerland, comes one of the most well-known cheese of france. Made from cow’s milk, this cheese is slightly salty and fruity at the same time. || Pont L’Eveque(Aoc-Aop 1972) Easily recognizable by its square shape this normandie cheese is made with cow milk and will gain tremendous flavors of hay and straw when aged. Consider Yourself Warned || Virtually all sweet wines(rivesaltes, sauternes, bonnezeaux) Banyuls grand cru Maury Rasteau vdn Bleu D’Auvergne(Aoc-Aop 1975) The distinctive blue mold in the pate have made this cheese famous all over the sorld strong flavored and soft, this is a must have with dessert wine sort of cheese try it. || Espresso (Aoc-Aop 1991) A very soft runny at times cow milk pate made in the heart of bungandy in the small village beariag the same name. It is famous for its very powerful flavors || Chablis grand cru Aged sancerre Bonnezeaux Livarot (Aoc-Aop 1975) A soft pate strong cheese from normandie made with cow milk. With proper ageing it develops stronger more powerful flavores and should be accompanied by the proper wine in order to sustain the bulance between the wine and the cheese. || 5.65 Mousse Au Chocolate Maison Chocolate mousse || 5.00 Cream Borlee || 5.75 Sorbet Du Jour Assorted sorbet of the day || 5.95 Poire Belle Helene A half pear poached in syrup served with vanilla ice cream and topped with warm chocolate and whipped cream. || 6.50 Fondant Au Chocolate Sur Croote De Noix Chocolate silk pie over nuts crust || 6.50 Profiteroles Puff pastries filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with warm chocolate and whipped cream. || 6.50 Cafe Ou Chocolate Liegeois A short of espresso or warm chocolate poured over vanilla or chocolate ice cream and topped with whipped cream || 11.50 Cafe Gourmand Assorbet mini sorbets, panacota with fresh fruit coulis, lady finger, profiterole and mini creme brulee along your choice of favorite cafe. Selection De Cafes Et Thes‏ || 1.95 Cafe || 2.75 Espresso || 2.75 Mocchiato || 3.50 Double Espresso || 3.50 Cappuccino || 2.50 Fresh Herb Tea || 3.95 Hot Chocolate All our coffees are available decaffeinated

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