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Empire Turkish Grill - Houston Restaurants


12448 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024-6100


+1 713-827-7475


Sunday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Monday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM | Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM | Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM | Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM | Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM | Saturday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Price Range:

$$ – $$$

Meals Served:

Lunch, Dinner


Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Waitstaff, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol

Good For:

Families with children, Business meetings, Kids, Large groups


We visited this place for the very first time on a Saturday evening and were surprised to find that the place still had open tables. We had Filet and Chicken kebabs which were delicious and came to the table piping hot. The humus appetizer with… ||| If you are looking for authentic Turkish/Mediterranean food, this is going to be your go to spot. I used to eat here frequently with family and friends before moving out of the area.We always got the assorted plate of Falafel (best I have ever…


Main Hot Appetizers Sicakmezeler || 5.5 Falafel (fried chickpeas) fried of ground chickpeas, celery, onion and parsley served with cahini sauce || 6.75 Fried Zucchini pan-fried shredded zucchini served with side of yogurt || 5.95 Fried Liver pan-fried cubes of calves liver served with side of onion, and tomato || 5.5 Cheese Rolls fried rolls of fillo sheets filled with feta cheese and parsley || 4.95 Fried Eggplant Dish fried eggplant slices with tomato, peppers and yogutti on top Cold Appetizers Soguk Mezeler || 4.95 Humus (pureed chickpeas) pureed chickpeas with sesame seed pasta, olive oil and a hint of garlic || 4.95 Pilaki (cold bean salad) cold red kidney beans with mixed vegetables, olive oil and tomato sauce || 4.95 Ezme (spicy vegetable spread) a mixture of spicy, finely chopped variety of vegetables and in tomato sauce || 4.95 Tabuli (parsley salad) a mixture of cracked wheat, green onions, parsley and tomatoes, toasted in our house lemon dressing || 5.25 Lebri a rich soft spread of and yogurt with, walnuts, dill and garlic || 4.95 Tarama red caviar spread || 4.95 Babagannus eggplant spread || 5.25 Patlican Salat (eggplant salad) grilled eggplant, with garlic, peppers, and lemon juice || 4.95 Patlican Soslu (eggplant sauce) sauteed eggplant with tomato, onions, and garlic || 6.95 Imam Bayildi (stuffed eggplant) baby eggplant, stuffed with fresh onion, tomato, pine nuts, parsley and garlic || 5.5 Yaprak Sarma (grape leaves) grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, raisins, peppers, parsley and onion || 4.25 Cacik (yogurt salad) diced cucumber in yogurt with a hint of garlic || 5.95 Beyaz Peynir Tabagi (feta cheese) a platter of feta cheese, pepper, tomatoes and olives || 5.95 Ispanak Kavurma (spinach sauce) spinach and onions served topped with yogurt create your own combination, cold appetizer plate (choose from the marked appetizers) Salads Salatalar || Large 8.5 Small 6.25 With Feta Cheese Extra 1.5 Shepherd Salad coban salads fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and parsley with oil and vinegar || Large 7.95 Small 5.5 Green Salad (yesil salads) iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, and onion with olive oil and lemon dressing Soups Corbalar || 3.5 Red Lentil Soup 9mercimek corbasi) a central anatolia specialty pureed red lentils, tomato and pices || 4.95 Tripe Soup a traditional turkish tripe soup, served with vinegar dressing Turkish Yogurt Grills || 14.5 Yogurtlu Sis (lamb With Yogurt) layers of lamb, fried bread and yogurt || 13.5 Layers Of Lamb, Fried Bread And Yogurt Yogurtlu Doner (doner With Yogurt) layers of doner (gyro) slices, fried bread and yogurt || 13.5 Yogurtlu Tavuk (chicken With Yogurt) layers of chicken, fried bread and yogurt || 13.5 Yogurtlu Adana (ground Beef With Yogurt) layers of ground beef, fried bread and yogurt Mixed Grills/ Soguk Mezeler || 23.95 Empire’s Mixed Grill mixed grill consist of lamb is, gyro, chicken, and ground lamb kebab with onion, tomato,
pepper, red cabbage on a bed of rice. || 13.5 Ground Lamb-gyro (adana-doner) || 13.5 Ground Lamb-chicken(adana-tavuk) || 13.5 Chicken-gyro(tavuk-doner) || 13.5 Ground Chicken-ground Lamb (tavuk Adana-adana) || 13.5 Lamb Sis-gyro(sis-doner) || 13.5 Lamb Sis-ground Lamb(sis-adana) || 13.5 Ground Chicken-gyro(tavuk Adana-doner) || 16.75 Fillet Mignon-gyro (fillet-doner) || 16.75 Fillet Mignon-ground Lamb(fillet-adana) || 16.75 Fillet Mignon-chicken (fillet-tavuk) || 18.5 Fillet Mignon-lamb Chops (fillet-pirzola) || 17.5 Ground Chicken-lamb Chops(tavuk Adana-pirzola) || 16.75 Ground Chicken-fillet Mignon(tavuk Adana-fillet) || 17.5 Lamb Chops-ground Lamb(pirzola-adana) || 17.5 Lamb Chops-gyro( Pirzola-doner) || 17.5 Lamb Chops-chicken (pirzola-tavuk) Kebabs / Kebaplar All Kebabs Are Served With Onion, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Red Cabbage And On Bed Of Rice. || 11.95 Doner Kebab (gyro Kebab) thin slices of seasoned grilled lamb, served with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice || 14.5 Iskender Kebab a baked platter of layers of fried bread, yogurt, doner kebab and fresh tomato sauce || 13.95 Sis Kebab (lamb Sis Kebab) char-grilled marinated tender cubes of lamb, served with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice || 16.75 Fillet Mignon Kebap two skewers of char-grilled marinated tender cubes of fillet mignon, served with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice || 12.75 Tavuk Kebab (chicken Kebab) char-grilled tender cubes of marinated chicken, with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice || 11.5 Tavuk Adana Kebab (ground Chicken Kebab) char-grilled seasoned ground chicken, served with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice || 12.5 Adana Kebab (ground Lamb Kebab) char-grilled ground lamb, served with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice || 14.5 Hashas Kebab (ground Beef Kebab) char-grilled seasoned ground beef with our special tomato sauce, served with a side of rice || 21.95 Pirzola (lamb Chops) char-grilled four baby lamb chops, with assorted vegetables on a bed of rice House Specialties || 12.95 Lahana Sarma(stuffed Cabbage Rolls) ground lamb, rice and herbs, rolled into cabbage leaves, stewed and topped with tomato sauce. served with a side of yogurt and fresh vegetables. || 14.5 Etli Bamya (okra With Lamb) okra and chunks of lamb baked in a hearty tomato sauce, and served with a side of rice || 14.5 Kremali Tavuk (chicken With Cream) breast of chicken sauteed with sweet peppers and mushrooms in a cream, garlic sauce. || 11.5 Turlu (vegetable Stew) variety of season’s vegetables sauteed with tomatoes, peppers, onions served with rice || 16.95 Salmon broiled salmon with our special seasoning and herbs
served with green salad, rice or french fries. Create Your Own Combination Cold || Sm( 5 Choices) 14.95 Med( 6 Choices) 16.95 Lg ( 7 Choices) 108.95 Appetizer Platter Desserts / Tatlilar || 3.95 Baklava filo dough topped with pistachios and dipped in honey-syrup || 3.5 Sekerparre soft semolina cookies soaked in honey syrup || 4.5 Keskul a popular turkish milk pudding with almonds || 3.0 Revani eastern anatolian sponge-cake soaked in honey-syrup || 3.95 Kazandibi turkey s famous caramelized milk and vanilla rolls || 3.5 Firinda Sutlac a popular turkish baked rice pudding

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