J??germeister || Kahlua || Kahlua Midnight || Merry’s White Chocolate || Midori || Ouzo || Romana Sambuca || Romana Sambuca Black || St. Germain || Strega || Tia Maria || Tuaca Appetizer || 11.95 Gamberi Paesano Grilled Shrimp Paesano || 21.95 Sea Scallops B??arnaise 3 Jumbo Sea Scallops Grilled. Served with B??arnaise Sauce Made of Tarragon-San Antonio Restaurants

Mozzarella and Basil || 9.95 Baby Spinach Salad Baby Spinach



Ground Peppercorn


and Clarified Butter || 20.95 Tuna Carpaccio Chili Encrusted Ahi Tuna


Red Onions

Price Range:

Oranges and Cilantro || 12.95 Grilled Giant Calamari Served with a Sweet and Ginger Chili Sauce || 12.95 Mussels Marinara Steamed Mussels Served in Marinara Sauce or White Wine Sauce with Fresh Basil || 14.95 Marinated Grilled Vegetable Platter Grilled Zucchini

Meals Served:

Blue Cheese Crumbles



Good For:

Dried cherries and Raspberry Vinaigrette || 8.95 Arugula Con Caprino Arugula


Mozzarella and Basil || 9.95 Baby Spinach Salad Baby Spinach


Carrots and Asparagus Salads || 9.95 Insalta Caprese Tomato

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