Madhuram Mirch Masala – Houston Restaurants

Madhuram Mirch Masala - Houston Restaurants


10758 Fm 1960 W, Houston, TX 77070


+1 281-955-9878


Sunday: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM | Tuesday: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM | Wednesday: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM | Thursday: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM | Friday: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM | Saturday: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM

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Meals Served:

Lunch, Dinner


Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

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Families with children, Large groups


We lived in India for 5 years and since coming to Houston have been looking for some authentic, simple, good quality, good tasting Indian food. Have tried several of the “high end” places and various locations in the strip malls but today tried this small… ||| From Indian comfort food to meals your mom prefers you to have.This place has it all…I love their food and you can taste the love in preparation. My favorite comfort dish is the Samosa Chaat.Even my carnivorous husband thought it was a meat dish…Def a…


Main Menu Appetizers $2.99. Served with Cilantro Chutney and Tamarind Chutney || Vegetable Samosa (2) Pyramid shaped crispy crust stuffed with potatoes, peas, cilantro and other herbs and spices || Aloo Vada/bonda (2) Deep-fried Spiced balls stuffed with mashed potatoes, green chili and cilantro. Outer crust made with chickpeas flour || Aloo Tikki (2) Mashed Potato patties with herbs and spices || Chili Pakora – M3’s Special (Add $1) Anaheim pepper stuffed with potato and masala fried with chickpeas flour || Vegetable Cutlets (2) (Add $1) Delicious potato & vegetables patties with herbs and spice, formed into heart shape covered in breadcrumbs || Vegetable Mix Pakora (Add $1) Onions, green chilies dipped in masala batter and deep fried (Can customize with cauliflower, corn, potato, spinach etc for special orders – additional cost and minimum quantity may apply) || Dahi Vada (2) (Add $1.5) Lentil balls soaked in yogurt and garnished with Chutneys, Cilantro, Cumin Seeds, Masala, Chili Powder || Paneer Pakora (3) (Add $2) Paneer (Farmers Cheese) slices with masala dipped in chickpeas flour batter and deep fried. Sprinkled with our special chaat masala || Appetizer Platter (Add $6) Samosa, Pakoda, Cutlet, Paneer Pakora served in one order South Indian Appetizers 3.99. Served with Sambar (lentil soup), coconut chutney and Tomato Chutney || Idli Sambar (2) Idli is savory soft rice & Lentil cake. Soaked rice and black lentils are wet ground, fermented and steamed. Served with sambar, a lentil soup with vegetables and herbs and south Indian seasoning || Vada Sambar (2) (Add $1) Donut Shaped lentil dumplings made with black lentils, black peppers, herbs and spices || Idli-Vada Sambar (2 Idli, 1 Vada) (Add $2)Combo of Idli and vada with sambar, Coconut Chutney and Tomato Chutney Chaats $5.99. Experience the Taste Bud Tickling by Street Food from India || Papadi Chaat (10 Papadi) Semolina and flour chips topped with potatoes, onion, chickpeas and garnished with homemade yogurt, sweet and spicy chutney, cilantro, tomato and sev (sev is crispy chickpeas flour noodles) {Extra Papadi (8 pcs) $0.99} || Dahi Puri (8pcs) Crispy semolina balls filled with potatoes, chickpeas, onions, chutneys and yogurt and garnished with sev, cilantro and chopped tomatoes || Pani Puri/golgappe (8 Piece) Crispy semolina balls stuffed with potatoes, black chickpeas and special masala served with spicy mint water and tamarind sauce. {Extra Mint Pani (6oz) $1.99} || Bhel Puri Puffed rice and sev mixed with boiled potatoes, chopped onions, chopped cilantro, chopped tomato, black & white chickpeas. Special Garlic Chutney, Cilantro Chutney and Tamarind Chutney make it yummier. Favorite all over India! || Sev Puri (8 Pcs) Crispy flour chips topped with chopped potatoes, onions, chickpeas, garlic, chili. Garnished with, sev, cilantro and tomato. Every bite reminds of Streets of Bombay! || Raj Kachori Crispy from outside and soft from inside stuffed with beans, chopped potatoes, chopped onions, yogurt, cilantro and tamarind chutney and much more. Delhi Street food within Houston! || Aloo Tikki Chhole Potato patties accompanied with chickpeas cooked with special tomato and onion sauce and freshly ground spices. Garnished with Cilantro and Tamarind Chutney and chopped Onions, Tomato and Cilantro || Masala Puri (Add $0.50) Green Peas curry with all yummy spices and herbs cooked, garnished with onions, tomato, cilantro and sev and crispy chips dipped into it. Cilantro chutney and tamarind Chutney brings more yum to it. Extra Papadi (8 pcs) $0.99 || Mixed Papadi Chaat (Add $1) Adding north indian Dahi Vada to Papadi Chaat bringing a unique taste combination to the chaat. Extra Papadi (8 pcs) $0.99 || Samosa Chaat (Add $1) [To Go with separate samosa: add $2] Everyone’s hot favorite Samosa accompanied with chickpeas cooked with special tomato and onion sauce and freshly ground spices. Garnished with Cilantro and Tamarind Chutney and chopped Onions, Tomato and Cilantro. Yogurt on request || Ragada Patties (Add $1) Green Peas curry cooked with onions, tomato, spices and herbs accompanied with mashed potato patties garnished with Cilantro & Tamarind Chutnies sprinkled sev and tangy chaat masala || Chaat Platter (Add $4) Dahi Vada, Papdi Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pani puri and Sev Puri …. all in a single order… Yes, this helps when you feel the crave for all and want to have a spectrum of chaats!!! Mumbai Specialties $6.99. Extra Paav (Double) Only $2.99; Extra Masala Paav (Double) Only $3.99 || Grilled Club Sandwich Specially made sandwich with boiled potatoes, beet root, tomato, onions, cucumber, butter, cilantro chutney, Cheese, Butter and our special masala. Accompanied with Potato Chips or Fries whichever is made fresh for the day. Perfect for after work or afternoon break || Dabeli (2 Per Plate) (Add $0.5) [Single Dabeli $4] Aka Kuchchhi Dabeli. A specially made masala mixed with boiled potatoes and sandwiched in a bun. Roasted or fried peanuts and pomegranate seeds make it more unique. (Pomegranate – seasonal) || Vada Paav (2 Per Plate, Single $4) You may call this a Bombay Burger as well. Aloo Vada/Bonda Sandwiched in specially made paav (buns) with typical garlic and chili chutney || Samosa Paav (2 Per Plate, Single $4) Samosa sandwiched in Paav (specially made bun) with special garlic and chili chutney || Paav Bhaji (Add $0.5) Boiled mixed vegetables scrambled and cooked together with special spices and herbs. Served with Mumbai style paav (bread rolls) with sides of Lime/Lemon, chopped onions and tomatoes || Paav Bhaji Add $1 Popular Combo Meals $6.99+ || Chhole Poori Garbanzo beans curry & fried whole wheat bread served with pickles and onions || Poori Bhaji Aloo Tomato curry & whole wheat fried bread served with pickles and onions || Kadhi-Chaval Punjabi kadhi (chickpeas flower & yogurt curry) served with basmati rice || Daal-Chaval Split chickpeas and lentil soup served with basmati rice || Chhole Bhature (Add $1) Chickpeas curry & fried fluffy flour bread served with pickles and onions || Halwa Poori (Add $1) Garbanzo beans curry & fried whole wheat bread served with pickles, onions and semolina sweet Indo-Chinese Specialty $5.99+ || Vegetable Spring Rolls (4 Pieces) Carrots, Cabbage, Garlic, Spring Onions, Chili and Bell Pepper sautéed with IndoChinese Seasoning and wrapped in rice crust & deep fried || Vegetable Fried Rice (Add $2) Rice cooked with vegetables in a wok with Indo-Chinese seasoning || Vegetable Hakka Noodles (Add $2) Fine cut Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Bell Peppers, Spring Onions, Sprout Moong and Chili sautéed at high temperature in Chinese wok with soya sauce and oil || Szechuan Fried Rice (Add $2) Chinese Rice cooked in high flame wok with Garlic, Ginger, Red Chili, Onions/Spring Onions in Szechuan Sauce || Gobi Munchurian (Add $3) Cauliflower chunks fritters in garlic, ginger, celery, chili, soya sauce and other spices garnished with spring onions and cilantro || Triple Szechuan (Add $4) Enjoy the combination of Rice, Noodles and Szechuan Sauce… Yummm South Indian (Dosa/crêpe) $7.99+ Served with Sambar (lentil soup), coconut chutney and Tomato Chutney. Extra Plain Dosa $5.99; Extra Sambar $1.99 || Masala Dosa A thin large pancake or Crêpe made out of fermented batter of rice and urad beans wrapped around potato and onions sautéed with south Indian seasoning || Mysore Sada Dosa Yummy and Spicy Dosa. The Dosa with spread of Mysore Chutney made of Jiggery, Tamarind, Red Chili, Coconut, Curry Leaves, Garlic and spices || Cheese Dosa Kids love it. This Dosa was placed on this menu due to demand by many kids of our patrons. Dosa with Mexican style Cheese!!! || Besan Dosa This one takes you to Gujarat. Besan (chickpeas flour) which is GLUTEN-FREE and high in protein. This one is made with ajwain and other herbs & spices. Served with Tomato Ketchup and Cilantro Chutney || Mysore Masla Dosa (Add $1) Mysore Dosa with potato and onions sautéed with south Indian seasoning || Texmex Dosa (Add $1) Everyone Loves the TexMex. All Vegetarians love the Beans. Then why not accompany the Dosa with all yummy stuff! || Mumbai Bhaji Dosa (Add $1) If you want to have Paav Bhaji and Dosa at the same, this is the perfect combination. You get health and taste buds both satisfied!!! || Paneer Tikka Masala Dosa (Add $1) Dosa with all that yummy Punjabi chatka of Garlic, Ginger, Onions and Tomato!!! Perfect curry with Paneer and wrapped inside the Dosa || Surati Masala Dosa (Add $2) Surat, the city that is known for the food loving population and all tasty food… Garlic, Chili, Fenugreek and Cilantro with all yummy masala. A taste bud tickler Dosa! || Onion Utthappam You may call it a South Indian Pizza. Soaked rice and Urad lentils wet ground and fermented. Cooked like pan cake. Just plan a little more wait as this one takes its time to be cooked. Eat with coconut as well as tomato chutney and sambar || Onion-Tomato Utthappam (Add $1) The topping of onions accompanied with Tomato on onion utthappam || Onion-Tomato-Chili Utthappam (Add $1) A hotter version of our Onion-Tomato Utthappam || Coconut Utthappam (Add $2) Love coconuts? Shredded coconut as topping on the utthappam Entrée Curries $8.99+ (Served with Premium Basmati Rice) || Alu Bhaji (Dry) Boiled potatoes with chopped chili, cilantro cooked with spices and black pepper || Aloo Mutter Potato and green peas cooked in tomato and herb with light curry || Aloo Tomato Potatoes cooked in a tomato and herbs with light curry || Chana Masala Chickpeas cooked with freshly ground spices, fresh rich onion and tomato sauce || Daal Fry/daal Tadka Stir fried split lentils and split chickpeas with tomato, onions, spices & herbs || Daal Makhani Black lentils & kidney beans simmered with herbs and spices with light creamy sauce || Kadhi Pakoda Yellow curry made with yogurt & chickpea flour mixed with onion-chili fritters Special Curries $9.99+ (Served with Premium Basmati Rice) || Bhaigan Bhartha Roasted eggplant sautéed with tomato & spices || Bhindi Masala Okra cooked with onions and spices || Cabbage Masala Chopped cabbage cooked with cumin seeds, spices and herbs || Aloo Ghobi Cauliflower & Potato cooked with herbs and spices || Ghobi Mix Cauliflower, peas, bell pepper and carrots cooked with herbs and spices || Kala Chana Spiced black chick peas || Malai Kofta Minced cheese & vegetable balls simmered in creamy sauce made with cashew, onions and herbs || Moong Masala Whole moong (green lentils – aka Mung) cooked with onion and spices || Mutter Paneer Green peas & Paneer (Cheese) cooked in a rich curry sauce || Navratna Korma Mixed vegetables sautéed in rich gravy || Palak Paneer Creamed spinach & Paneer (Cheese) with spices || Rajma Masala Kidney beans cooked with onions, tomato, herbs and spices || Paneer Tikka Masala Paneer cooked in cream sauce and mildly spiced with garlic and ginger || Shahi Paneer (Add $1) Just like the name, rich curry with cashew nuts, tomato, onions, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and much more. Paneer (farmer’s cheese) cubes mixed with the rich curry and really gives mouth a ‘shahi’ (royal) treat || Stuffed Baigan Masala (Add $1) Baby eggplants, Potatoes and whole onions are cut and stuffed with crushed peanut based stuffing with rich herbs and spices. This curry is made with thick gravy. Garnished with cilantro Breads $1.99+ || Whole Wheat Roti (2) Fresh hand rolled whole wheat roti is as thinner than tortilla and made fresh to serve || Whole Wheat Butter/ghee Roti (2) (Add $0.50) Whole wheat roti with ghee/butter for more softness and taste || Poori (2) Freshly made hand rolled fried whole wheat bread || Bhatura Fermented all-purpose flour fried bread. Soft and fresh || Plain Naan Fermented all-purpose flour bread made in clay oven || Butter Naan (Add $0.20) Plain naan with butter applied on top and garnished with cilantro || Garlic Naan (Add $0.50) Naan with minced garlic, butter and cilantro Rice Items $5.99+ EXTRA: Plain Basmati Rice – Tastes yummy with Besan Kadhi! $1.99 || Jeera Rice Basmati Rice cooked with ghee (butter). Perfect for eating with Daal Fry! || Peas Pulao (Add $1) Basmati Rice cooked with Peas and Onions and some herbs and spices || Vegetable Biryani (Mumbai Style) (Add $2) Basmati Rice cooked with sautéed mixed vegetables, herbs and spices. Served with Homemade Yogurt or Raita and pickles Special & Stuffed Breads $2.99+ Served Homemade yogurt, pickles and red onions. Extra Breads: Any of the special or stuffed paratha without serving of yogurt, pickles and onions – reduce $0.50 || Plain Paratha Triangular multi layered hand rolled whole wheat bread with blended jeera (cumin seeds) || Methi Paratha Hand rolled thick whole wheat bread with fenugreek leaves, herbs and spices || Aloo Paratha (Add $1) Stuffed bread with mashed potato mixed with cilantro, herbs and spices || Gobi Paratha (Add $2) Handmade bread stuffed with shredded cauliflowers, chopped cilantro, herbs and spices. Healthy and yummy!!! || Muli Paratha (Add $2) Handmade bread stuffed with shredded daikon radish, chopped cilantro, herbs and spices || Paneer Paratha (Add $2) Hand rolled bread stuffed with paneer (farmer’s cheese), chopped cilantro, herbs and spices || Stuffed Paratha Platter (Add $10) Aloo, Gobi, Muli and Paneer paratha all you get in one order. This is the best deal of the house. Paying for 3 and getting 4 paratha Carry-Out Special Need Extra Lead Time || (10) 6.0 (30) 16.0 (50) 25.0 Poori || (10) 22.0 (30) 60.0 (50) 75.0 Bhature || (10) 5.5 (30) 15.0 (100) 45.0 Whole Wheat Roti || (10) 6.5 (30) 18.0 (100) 55.0 Whole Wheat Butter Roti Thali $9.99+ || Standard Thali (3 Curries) 3 daily special curries with 2 roti, rice, papad, chhhash, pickles, onions, sweet dish (add $1 for carry out) || Special Thali – Limited (5 Curries) (Add $2) 5 daily special curries with 2 roti, 2 poori, rice, papad, chhash, pickles, onions, sweet dish (add $1 for carry out) || Special Thali – Unlimited Curries (Add $3) [No Sharing] 5 daily special curries (unlimited), with 2 roti, 2 poori, rice, papad, chhash, pickles, onions, sweet dish (dine in only – no carry out) Sides and Extra $1.99+ || Roasted Papaddum (2) Roasted lentil chips with black peppers/cumin seeds || Fried Papaddum (2) Fries lentil chips with black pepprs/cumin seeds || Masala Papaddum (2) (Add $2) Fried lentil chips with onions, tomato, cilantro and masala || Onion Salad Red onions and lime/lemon || Garden Salad (Add $3) Tomato, Onions, Cucumber, Organic Baby Spinach, bell pepper, olives and seasonal vegetables. Vinaigrette Dressing available upon request Desserts $3.49+ || Gajar Halwa Carrot Cake made with milk, cardamom, almonds and sugar || Gulab Jamun (3) Deep fried paneer & milk powder brown balls dipped in sugar syrup || Motichur Ladoo (3) Sweet balls made with chickpeas flour, sugar, cardamom and vegetable oil/shortening || Ras Malai (2) (Add $0.50) A rich dessert made with Paneer (Farmer’s cheese), milk, sugar and almond/pistachio || Sooji Halwa (Add $0.50) Semolina sweet made with ghee, saffron and almonds || Safron Kheer (Add $1) Rice pudding made with real saffron and almonds || Malai Kulfi (Add $2) Homemade ice cream from cream of milk. 1 order can serve 2 people Hot Beverages $1.99+ || Chai Fresh tea made with tealeaves with boiling milk and water || Masala Chai (Add $0.50) Chai made with special masala || Ginger Chai (Add $0.50) Chai made with Ginger || Desi Coffee (Add $0.50) Coffee made with milk. You may call it latte Cold Beverages $0.99+ || Bottled Water Bottle of purified drinking water 16.9oz || Fiji or Alkaline Water (Add $1.5) Premium water with higher pH || Canned Soda (Add $0.20) Coke/Mountain Dew/Sprite/Pepsi/Dr Pepper || Bottled Soda (Add $1.20) Coke/Mountain Dew/Sprite/Pepsi/Dr Pepper || Desi Soda (Add $1.20) Thums Up/Limca/Fanta || Lemon/lime Masala Soda (Add $3) Club soda with freshly squeezed lemon/lime and special masala & salt Lassi & Milk Shakes $1.99+ || Chhash (Buttermilk) Buttermilk from homemade yogurt & water with salt and cumin seeds || Salt Lassi (Add $1.5) Homemade yogurt with salt and cumin seeds || Sweet Lassi (Add $1.5)Homemade yogurt with sugar and flavor || Mango Lassi (Add $1.5)Homemade Yogurt with mango pulp and sugar || Saffron Milk Add $2 || Mango Milk Shake (Add $2) Real mango flavored milk shake || Rajwadi Mango Lassi (Add $2.5) Homemade yogurt with real saffron, cardamom and many other rich ingredients || Chickoo Shake (Add $2.5)Milk shake with chickoo (sapota fruit) || Kaju Anjeer Shake (Add $3) Milk shake made with cashew nuts and fig || 4.49 Fresh Watermelon Juice seasonal

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